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Liferafts & Rescue Boats

ZODIAC liferafts offer low ownership cost as a result of their use of advanced materials and superior manufacturing techniques. Now world leaders in their field, Zodiac liferafts are backed by an approved worldwide network of service stations and excellent after sales support.

Zodiac's thermobonding construction coupled with polythene coated fabrics make these liferafts especially resistant to ageing and therefore these lighter, but stronger, fabrics also allow Zodiac rafts to be packed into smaller containers, saving valuable space on board. All Zodiac rafts are fitted with cellular foam floors providing protection against extreme cold, which maintains thermo properties even if damaged.

Zodiac liferafts are approved by the world's leading maritime authorities and are available in sizes 6-151 person.

Zodiac's semi-rigid rescue boats have been in commercial use for over 50 years and are approved by the world's leading maritime authorities.

Each ZODIAC rescue boat is delivered complete with a protection cover and the emergency equipment pack secured in a watertight locker. Every boat has a fore and aft towing V, 50 m towing line, ladder, righting line, rescue quoit (including 30 m line), boat hook, search light and sea anchor.
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