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DBC Marine Evacuation Chutes

The DBC single and twin track Marine Evacuation Chute (MEC) is fast becoming recognised as the most efficient, easy to use, flexible and cost effective marine evacuation system in the world. Gravity launched, from an internal or external stowage position DBC's MEC evacuates passengers and crew with the utmost safety within the shortest possible time.

Unlike most other evacuation systems the DBC MEC can be used with any standard approved liferaft.
  • Lightweight - as much as 50% lighter than comparable chute and slide systems
  • Safe - controlled passive descent with protection against fire, heat and smoke
  • Reliable - over 10,000 successful descents
  • Self contained - requires no electrical hook-up and minimum fireproofing of ship's hull
  • Adaptable - can be installed on vessels with freeboards from 5m to 24m
  • Cost competitive - offers reduced servicing and maintenance costs
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